Telehealth and Online Healthcare

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What is Telehealth

Telehealth is a general term for using technology to provide health care at a geographical distance. The main telehealth tool used by Oceanside is the video visit, which allows you to talk with your health care provider from home, the office or even your car.

Telehealth Is Critical to Healthcare


What to Expect

A video visit is much like a regular office visit, but instead of going in person, you’ll talk to your doctor or other health care provider from home, work or any other convenient location. At the scheduled time, you’ll log in for your video chat and spend the same amount of time with your provider as you normally would. Your provider can assess symptoms, make diagnoses, recommend treatments, adjust medications and send prescriptions to your pharmacy.

Telehealth & COVID

We’ve ramped up telehealth services substantially since the pandemic began. Our providers are using video visits with patients whenever appropriate. Patients with diagnosis of COVID infection can utilize Teleheath Continued Care with Oceanside. You can use this service to receive self-care advice, a phone consultation with a nurse, a video visit appointment with our doctors, or a referral to our urgent care.

What about Insurance

Most state laws requires private insurers to treat video visits the same way they do in-person office visits. Most plans should reimburse a video visit as it would a regular visit; co-pays, deductibles and medical necessities still apply.

In response to the coronavirus, Medicare has stated that restriction have been dropped and Medicare is reimbursing video visits, at least for the time being.